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     I've taught a few of Stuart's songs to a number of my choirs and they are absolute winners each time. Little gems of joy that everyone loves to sing


Ula Weber - Choral Director & Sing for Pleasure Head of Events 


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Build a Bridge

Build a Bridge is a collection of pieces inspired by various musical traditions including spirituals, gospel and folk music. They are a celebration of music and its ability to bring people together, and are designed to be enjoyed by choirs of all abilities

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Songs for Children

These are set of songs around a theme. Many of the songs are in 2 or 3 parts however can be performed in unison.

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Faster & Faster.jpg
Songs of Dreams and Nightmares.jpg

Faster & Faster & Faster

A set of 4 songs for KS2 around the theme of Speed. Commissioned by Sefton Music Service


Need for Speed - On tomorrows Wheels - Waiting - Record Breakers

Songs of Dreams and Nightmares

A set of 4 songs for KS2 around the theme of Speed. Commissioned by the North West Singing Partnership


Beautiful World of Dreams - Star Gazing -  Creatures of the Night - Dream a better World

Songs for Youth Choirs

These arrangements are mostly of folksongs from around the world written for SAB & SSAB choir

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By the Water's edge.png
Songs from Northern Lands.jpg
A winters tale (correct).png
Arias of the Baroque.jpg

Songs from Northern Lands

4 Northern English folks songs


Dance ti thy daddy - Scarborough Fair - The snows they melt the soonest - Bobby Shaftoe

By the Waters Edge

Folk songs about water from around the world 


Blue Mountain Lake - Loch Lomand - I Ola Dalom, I Ola Kjønn - Walzing Matilda

Arias of the Baroque

Arias from Baroque Operas by Handel, Vivaldi, Lully and Purcell. 


Vieni, o mio diletto - Dido's Lament - Bois Épais - L'ascia ch'io pianga

A Winter's Tale

Winter Songs from around the world  


Krummavisur - Drive the Cold winter's Away - Ballulalow - Minka

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